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The First "Art & Natural Health" International Conference

of Beijing, 2005


Theme:  Treating Human Emotion Through Art                                                                  中文/English
Dates:  August 26-28, 2005(Click here for Schedule)
Conference Location: Beijing, China, Dashangzi Must Be workshop, LixiangQun workshop
Please RSVP by July 31, 2005                 

Host Organizations:
    *The Creative Art Therapy Academy of China and
    *The Beijing Dimensional Art-Dance-Culture & Art Exchange Center
Support: The Academy of Health Engineering (Hong Kong)

Invitation:  We are pleased to announce the 2005 Art & Natural Health International Conference.  Please join us in Beijing, China from August 26-28.

Proposals are currently being accepted for lectures and workshops.  Conference fee,  meal &

accommodations fees will be waived for speakers and workshop leaders.

Art flows through nature and yet transcends nature. Not only can it be performed, but it can also heal.  It can have enduring effects on the health of both man’s body and his mind. 
Since ancient times, Chinese have applied many methods to the training of the body and mind:  music, chess, painting, drawing, Daoyin (leading movement), Wushu (martial arts), and more. These methods not only build an artistic atmosphere of illusion, but also offer specific means to bring about peacefulness of the soul, harmony of the spirit, coordination of the mind, and beauty of the physical body.
In the west, art therapy has undergone almost a century of development.  It includes dance therapy, poem & drama therapy, painting therapy, and music therapy, among others, and it has helped numerous people. It is used in medical hospitals, rehabilitation centers, mental health facilities, day treatment centers, nursing homes, schools, homeless shelters, correctional facilities, drug abuse clinics, suicide prevention centers, community health centers, schools for the disabled, and art centers.

The first “Art & Natural Health” International Conference will begin with creative art therapy workshops, following with discussions of key subjects. 
Discussions in Workshops May Include these Topics

Expert Panel:

Chairperson for Experts Panel Ms. Yulan Fucius/holohealth expert, Dance Psychotherapy, ADTR, CDMT (Chinese Dance-Movement Therapy Association ):
1.    Sensation, Creativity, and Communication of Natural Health (Workshop:  Discussion and Practice)
2.    Real Life Applications of Art
3.    Improving the Ancient Arts
4.    Strength, Faith and the Body-Mind
5.    Discovering Ways to Improve Wisdom
Discussion Titles:
1.      The Natural Health of Traditional Chinese Medicine
2.      The Function of
Chinese Traditional Art
3.      Moving Towards a New Dimensional Health Method:Dance/movement therapy
4.      The Function of Daoism in Modern Life
5.      Colors of Emotions: Black & White
6.      How Sound Expresses One’s Health
7.      Using Chinese Calligraphy (brush painting) to Train the Mind
Workshops: We are currently accepting proposals until July 1st (please see more details below) Confirmed: (click here for  the schedule)

1. “The Self-Treatment of Human Emotion”: Ms Wang Chunhong/Dance Therapy, founder of DimensionalArtDance and the Creative Art Therapy Association of China. Member of CDTM

2. “The Power of the Soul”:  Professor Fucius, HoloHealth Expert,  ADTR and President of Chinese Dance Therapy Association(CDTM). Chief Project Consultant of this conference, Chairperson for Experts Panel
3.  “Merits of Using Martial Art to Strengthen the Spirit”: Mr. Liu Hongchi/Wushu master.


Poster of presentation & exposition: SizeA3(420x297mm), detail of exposition please contact us. 


The parent who join the Building Fablewill attend the conference for free.

(Next page: detail of the fee/what is in conference/trip/hoster, etc.,)



CCATA 2005 Conference










Note for the deadline of the professionals present proposals:

 the deadline of the proposed workshop topic will be 15 July.




Special Thanks

Holohealth Co.

China Dance/Movement Health Ass.

Must Be Workshop

LixiangQun workshop

JinYuLai psychology consultation study Center


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